Be a Part of the AAM Gold Standard!

How to Join:

Pay for Exam

Payment for your exam is $397 and it includes the exam fee and study guide.  As a special bonus, it also includes your first year of complimentary membership as an AAM Gold tier member.  

Review Study Guide

Once you’ve purchased the exam, AAM’s FREE study guide will be emailed to you.  Use this study guide to prepare for the exam.  You can even use this guide during the exam.

Gather Digital Credentials

Prepare all of the required credentials in a digital format.  Save them to a location that will be easy to locate and upload once you begin the examination process. Check the requirements here.

Upload Credentials

Begin the application process by uploading your credentials as directed through our simple interface.  For the best experience, use of a desktop computer is recommended.

Assessment Exam

Once your credentials have been loaded, show us your skills!  The exam features multiple choice and essay questions.  

Member Access

Upon submission of the assessment exam, AAM staff will review your credentials and inform you of membership status within 5 business days.

Which Gold Exam do I Need?

Choose the certification for the area in which you will be working:

I do not plan to work in New Jersey

I plan to work in New Jersey