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PMU Community:
General Membership


Education and resources for those who are less than two years into the industry or who simply want to learn, grow and be part of a larger community.

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Gold Membership:
Board Certified Artists


All the perks of the Community Membership, continued education, listed in our member directory PLUS the honor of Board Certification.

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Diamond Membership:
Board Certified TRAINERS


For micropigmentation instructors with a curriculum that meets AAM Standard guidelines.

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Platinum Membership:
Board Certified TRAINERS – NJ ONLY


For micropigmentation instructors with a curriculum that meets New Jersey State requirements.

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Meet the AAM!

Our Mission is to inspire and support permanent cosmetic professionals from around the globe through educational opportunities, industry innovation, and the highest of safety standards.


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Have questions about PMU regulations in your area?  Start your research at the state level with the AAM directory.  Once you have the state requirements identified, continue on with your county, city, township, etc.  

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PMU School Podcast

A free, daily podcast with tips from PMU professionals.  Membership not required!

Want the scoop about PMU in New Jersey?

Let's talk about New Jersey Regulations!

Do you have questions about PMU Training in New Jersey?

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Active members can join our Facebook Group, AAM Connect.  Get support from PMU professionals who love this industry as much as you do!