Since 1992, the AAM has supported Permanent Makeup Artists who wish to continue their education, network with other professionals, and stay up-to-date with industry news.  We accept PMU Artists with training from any PMU discipline and training.

Demonstrate Your Expertise with Board Certification!

Not only does membership provide a growing network of people who will give guidance, share experiences, and support your growth, but AAM Gold Membership recognizes your hard work with a digital document of board certification.  Proof that you are one of the best out there…  

You've earned it!

Membership has so much to offer you!

If you want to win over more clients...
If your state requires board certification...
If you want to network with your colleagues...
If you want to continue your education...
If you want to stay up-to-date with the industry...

AAM GOLD Membership is for You!

When you join, take advantage of all of these amazing member perks:

Have questions? Get answers!

Get the goods in a group video chat led by an experienced professional.  Each session starts with a lesson and ends with Q&A.  

Display your lifetime acheivement!

Show your expertise with the prestige of being an AAM Board Certified PMU Artist. This is an honor garners great respect.

Learn skills on your schedule!

Continue your pursuit of education with online courses spanning from fundamentals to business strategies.

Discuss hot topics!

Stay in the know with monthly webinars.  Learn valuable information from proven experts in the PMU industry.

Download in an instant!

From Medical profiles to procedure notes, keep complete documentation on file for your clients.  

Strategies and branding tips!

Use these helpful tools to solidify your business branding and create a marketing strategy that works for you!

1) Board Certification is a well-respected, lifetime achievement.

We’ve got great news for you… Board certification is an accomplishment that does not expire. If you want to be seen on our member directory, be found by clients online and have access to our resources you can continue to renew your MEMBERSHIP, but it is doesn’t change your Board Certification!  Your AAM Gold Certificate is an honor that garners respect from clients and colleagues alike.  This mark of distinction testifies to the mastery that you have demonstrated and your commitment to the highest of standards.  Separate yourself as an elite professional in the PMU industry with official AAM Board Certification.

2) Gold Membership provides resources worth more than 10X the price of membership.

AAM Gold membership includes access to educational materials from global industry – all included in the price of membership.  Individual courses or mentorship from amazing Artists like Lady Sutachan, Nady B, Leann La, Jodi Stoski & more.. would be an investment of thousands of dollars.  However, membership to the AAM Gold tier provides access to content from all of them, plus many more special guests. 

3) The AAM provides resources suited to how you learn best.

The AAM offers educational materials in a variety of formats to suit different learning styles.  We have webinars for visual learners, a podcast for auditory learning, group coaching for those who engage best with interactive learning, and even downloadable materials for those who wish to study on their own.  Our resource library is expanding with new topics ranging from technique to business and everything in between.    

4) Artists feel more confident with the support of the AAM.

The permanent makeup industry can be a lonely field… especially when your state and/or city doesn’t offer a lot of resources to help you be a safe and successful business.  Luckily, you can take charge of things by joining a network that offers real world support and structure.  For example, when the Coronavirus Pandemic impacted our world and closed the doors to our studios, the AAM presented an informational webinar to help Artists re-open with confidence.  Not only that, but we also prepared a package of Covid-related materials to help members implement new safety protocols, easily print out important signage and protect themselves legally. 

5) The AAM educational content is accessible 24/7.

Members are encouraged to join our live events virtually, but they are also available as recordings for those who have a scheduling conflict.  Watch our webinar recordings, download our client forms, and take our online exam at the time that works for your schedule.  Our Member Resources Library is available online 24/7 to active members. 

6) The AAM features content that appeals to all experience levels.

The AAM educational content covers a wide range of topics from procedure fundamentals, to social media marketing to business basics.  In many cases, the AAM offers continued education credits to help Artists meet their goals.  From the newly trained to Artists with veteran status, we create the content that you need.     

7) AAM membership is an affordable and convenient investment in yourself.

Imagine taking your board certification exam while sitting on your couch… with one low price that includes your online exam, complimentary study guide, and even a bonus first year of membership!   AAM membership includes exclusive member perks like giveaways, special presentations, and more.  Regardless of whether you belong to other organizations or reside in another country, AAM membership is worth its weight in gold.  Still unsure, email [email protected] for more information.

It's time to take your career to the next level...

So commit to improved skills, networking, and more education in your field.  Today is the day when you decide to invest in yourself and your career.  This is a defining moment.