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Head into 2021 with the support of the AAM, a winner’s mentality and proven tips for success as our expert panel of speakers shares their tips for working smarter in the new year.   Take your PMU business to new heights with the proven strategies for success that you will learn in our December 2020 Virtual Summit.


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Amanda Breuer is a world renowned Beauty Angels Microblading and Shading, Powder Ombré and PMU Removal Master.  With over 2,500 PMU treatments performed and hundreds of students, Amanda is well known in the industry for her ongoing support, fast response time and detailed critique and feedback for her students. If you’re ready to practice and receive consistent feedback, Amanda can help you accomplish incredible things in the PMU industry.


Sheila Bella is AAM President, CEO of Sheila Bella Corporation, Founder of the Pretty Ambitious Summit, Creator of the Top 100 Podcast, Pretty Rich Podcast, Business Coach and Global Speaker for the beauty industry. 


Shay Danielle is the founder of Shay Danielle Academy. She is also a Master Microblading Instructor and Permanent Cosmetic Educator who has created training programs based on her knowledge and experience over her years in the Cosmetic Tattooing/Skincare Industry.


Maya Moore is a 14X certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, the Owner and Senior Educator of The Microblading Institute and a US National Trainer and Distributor for Amiea International. With just 4 years of PMU experience, she has established herself as the premiere trainer and artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has serviced thousands of clients and trained hundreds of students internationally.  Maya specializes in digital device hair strokes and hybrid eyebrow simulations that beautifully balance the face. 

@jodystoski / @cinnamongirltattoo

Jody Stoski is a cosmetic and paramedical tattoo industry pioneer best known for her realistic brows, authentic areolas, gorgeous lips, and skin smoothing camouflage techniques. Founder and Owner of Cinnamon Girl Clinic, Jody has treated over 10,000 patients at her clinic and in partnership with the medical professionals at Timberlea Services Centre and Macleod Trail Plastic Surgery.  Jody has combined her years of experience as a professional makeup artist, permanent makeup artist, and paramedical practitioner to perfect her skills and develop unique techniques she can share with others. A cancer survivor herself, Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy was created to help others learn the art of healing tattoos through online training courses.

Make 2021 the year of your dreams!