Since 1992, the AAM has supported Permanent Makeup Artists who wish to continue their education, network with other professionals, and stay up-to-date with industry news.  We accept PMU Artists with training from any PMU discipline and training.

Diamond Membership

Now that you’ve proven your skills as a PMU Artist, it’s time to raise the stakes.  Advance your career with the support of the best industry organization out there.  AAM Diamond Members are Board Certified Trainers who have demonstrated the highest quality of skill, ethics, and education.    

What is the Difference Between Diamond and Platinum Status?

Diamond and Platinum Trainers are equal in terms of knowledge, experience, and expertise.  
Diamond Membership is a global membership tier designed for permanent makeup trainers located outside of New Jersey. Diamond Trainers must offer a 100-hour fundamental course on any PMU procedure(s) of their choosing.  The course must include at least two apprenticeship procedures directly supervised by the Diamond Trainer plus four additional unsupervised procedures reviewed by the Diamond Trainer.
 Platinum Membership is designed to meet New Jersey State requirements. Platinum members must offer a specific 100-hour fundamental course called Primary Training.  This training includes eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip procedures using a machine.  It must include two apprenticeship procedures of each type (totalling 6) that are directly supervised by the Platinum Trainer.  If you are a trainer in New Jersey or wish to work with New Jersey students, please see our Platinum Trainer Membership type. 

Take Your Career to the Next Level!

Diamond Membership has so much to offer you!

If you are looking for a new challenge...
If you want to be an industry leader...
If you want an additional stream of income...
If you love to help others...
If you want to be an AAM approved educator...

AAM Diamond Membership is Made for You!

When you join, take advantage of all of these amazing member perks:

Students are looking for you!

AAM Diamond Trainers are featured on a trainer search page.  Upload a photo and link your portfolio to show students why they should choose you!

Earn respect with AAM Collaborations!

Whether you prefer to be on screen or behind the scenes, we welcome your expertise and will give you the credit you deserve for what you share.

Use AAM materials to teach with!

As an AAM Diamond member, AAM materials are available to be integrated into your curriculum.  Save time with easy-to-use AAM content.

Discuss hot topics!

Stay in the know with AAM webinars.  Learn valuable information from proven experts in the PMU industry. Recordings are available for those who can’t attend the live session. 

Advanced Education Credits from Home!

The AAM offers online courses with the option to earn advanced education credits from home.  It’s all included in membership at no additional cost.

Unrestricted Access to AAM Resources!

From fundamentals to advanced topics, Diamond members have full access to all webinars, coaching sessions, downloadable materials and courses.

How do trainers feel about the AAM?

Why You Should Upgrade TODAY!

1) The AAM is seeking more trainers like you.

Get a leg up on the competition by becoming the first AAM Diamond Trainer in your area.  We are actively seeking trainers in new areas so that we can expand the reach of our organization.  We accept global applicants as long as they meet the Diamond Membership requirements.  Don’t miss this opportunity to win over new students with AAM Diamond status.

2) AAM Diamond Trainer Status distinguishes you amongst other trainers in your area.

The AAM receives daily inquiries from potential students who are seeking training from the very best of our industry.  Diamond certification demonstrates your professionalism, mastery of technique, and commitment to working with the elite.  Additionally, those individuals who go the extra mile to actively seek out Diamond Trainers make the BEST students.  Leads that come through the AAM are serious about making this a career.  Fill your classes with highly-engaged, quality students who are ready to learn!

3) Upgrading to Diamond is affordable.

AAM Gold membership can be upgraded to Diamond membership with a one-time exam fee of $400, with no changes to your annual membership renewal rate!  You’ll keep access to all of the AAM educational materials, plus special exclusive materials especially for trainers.  The benefits really can’t be beat.  Plus, don’t forget that you will receive exposure to more students via our online trainer directory and collaboration opportunities.  It’s the best investment you can make for your business – and in yourself!

4) The AAM Diamond Exam is available online.

Take the Diamond exam at your convenience with our online process.  Accessible to you 24/7, this exam allows you to submit your curriculum and take the exam from the comfort of your own home… at the time that is right for you.  It’s so simple to use because our interface walks you through each individual requirement!  Take as much time as you need to upload your credentials and curriculum.  Then when you are feeling ready, you may start our 90-minute exam!

5) The AAM application process has been simplified.

With the introduction of the new online exam, the AAM has also streamlined Diamond membership requirements.  Purchase of the exam includes a complimentary study guide, which details the requirements for credentials and curriculum.  If there is something that is unclear, we are happy to work with you on your application to identify any problem areas early in the process and help you resolve them.  Plus, we even allow you to use our study guide during the exam.  What are you waiting for? 

It's time to teach the next generation...

With so much that you’ve already accomplished in your career, it’s time to share your expertise.  Your guidance will ensure that our beloved industry will be carried forward in a safe and professional manner.