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American Academy of Micropigmentation

Rules & Regulations American Academy of Micropigmentation

Informed Consent


The client's practitioner has explained to the client:

  • a. the nature of the client's desired procedure
  • b. the proposed plan to proceed
  • c. the alternatives to the proposed procedure
  • d. the risks and complications associated with each
  • e. the post procedure discomforts and care

Who may consent to treatment?

The client may consent (sign) for herself (himself) when: he/she is mentally competent and is over the age of 18.

Responsibility for Obtaining Consent

The professional cannot delegate his/her responsibility for obtaining informed consent before beginning treatment.

It is the responsibility of the practitioner to answer client questions with complete honesty and not withhold information regarding the requested procedure

Procedure For Which Consent Should Be Obtained

Scratch tests

Photographic release

All micropigmentation procedures

Once a consent form is completed, no other procedure may be added. A second consent form should be completed specifying any procedure not included. If the client has told the practitioner he/she desires further unspecified procedure, the practitioner should write a statement in the progress notes stating the client desires to have (name of procedure).

Download Sample Informed Consent