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American Academy of Micropigmentation

American Academy of Micropigmentation

US State Regulations for Permanent Cosmetic Makeup / Micropigmentation Practitioners

Please note: We provide this information as information and guidelines for educational purposes only. These US state regulation statutes are subject to change and modification and therefore the AAM does not warrant the accuracy or status of either the statutes or regulations and does not constitute legal advise.

US State Regulations for Permanent Cosmetic Makeup / Micropigmentation

We receommend that you review your own state regulations/statues for updated information.


Permanent Cosmetics Legislation / Regulation Information

The following links are to pages found on the Washington State Legislature website and pertain to the current tattooing laws,rules/regulations, and bills:

Revised Code of Washington (RCW):
• RCW 70.54.320 Electrology and tattooing - Findings
• RCW 70.54.330 Electrology and tattooing - Definitions
• RCW 70.54.340 Electrology and tattooing - Rules, sterilization requirements
• RCW 70.54.350 Electrology and tattooing - Practitioners to comply with rules -Penalty.
•RCW 26.28.085 Applying tattoo to a minor - Penalty

Washington Administrative Code (WAC):
• Chapter 246-145 WAC Electrology and tattooing standards for sterilization procedures and infection control

• SB 5180 - 2007-08 Regulating tattooing and body piercing.
• SB 5821 - 2007-08 Regulating body art facilities.

If you have any other questions, please visit the Access Washington Help Center at: